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Dr Janice Joneja talks to editor Michelle Berriedale-Johnson about histamine sensitivity – what it is, what are its symptoms and how you might be able to manage it.

Articles by Dr Joneja on various aspect of histamine intolerance

Histamine intolerance - It feels like allergy, it looks like allergy, but it’s not an allergy! World expert on histamine intolerance, Dr Janice Joneja, investigates a little recognised but very distressing intolerance and suggests how it may be managed. March 2015

Histamine intolerance and viral infections. Dr Janice Joneja explains the possible relationship – and how it can be managed. January 20189

Histamine and tyramine sensitivity – how closely are they linked? Although the management is quite similar it is rare to get the conditions together. Dr Joneja explains. October 2017

Histamine levels in food and their relevance to histamine intolerance. Food is not the only source of histamine nor will any one food cause symptoms of histamine intolerance to appear. Dr Janice Joneja explains. September 2016

Diamine Oxidase (DAO): what you need to know. Dr Janice Joneja is constantly asked about DAO about which there is a great deal of misunderstanding. Here is her DAO primer. August 2016

Can antihistamines be used to control a histamine intolerance? A questioner aksd Dr Joneja whether taking antihistamines would either reduce one's intolerance to histamines, or would make a low histamine diet work more efficiently. July 2016

Could an excess of histamine cause anaphylaxis? Dr Janice Joneja was asked whether and excess of histamine in someone who was histamine intolerant? June 2016

Food poisoning, hives the menopause and puberty. Is there a histamine connection? Dr Joneja answers two questions which pull these diverse subjects together. May 2016

Histamine release mechanisms. Dr Joneja takes the opportunity to explain some of the scientific processes involved in histamine intolerance and mast cell activation disorders that so many people find somewhat confusing. April 2016

The connection between gastric acid, histamine, antihistamines and proton pump inhibitors. Dr Joneja discusses connections which, as she says, people do find very confusing. March 2016

Histamine reaction during sexual intercourse. Dr Joneja was asked whether it was possible to have an allergic reaction to vaginal secretions during intercourse. Febraury 2016

'Dysbiosis', gut microflora, probiotics and their relevance in histamine intolerance. Dr Janice Joneja clarifies some of the misconceptions around our understanding of the gut bacteria and how we can (and cannot) influence it – with special relevance to histamine overload and intolerance. February 2016

Can taking probiotics help a histamine intolerance? Dr Joneja is not convinced. February 2016

Histamine, stress, depression and chronic hives that get worse at night – is there a connection? Dr Joneja says yes. January 2016

What can cause histamine intolerance? As part of our on-going histamine Q & A, Dr Janice Joneja was asked what could be causing a histamine intolerance. January 2016

Idiopathic anaphylaxis – Dr Joneja was asked if histamine could be the cause? December 2015

The development of the microbiome with especial reference to histamine. As part of our Q&A series on histamine, Dr Joneja was asked how someone with histamine intolerance could restore balance in their gut microbiota. November 2015

Dr Joneja was asked whether histamine intolerance could cause vaginal irriation which is exacerbated by intercourse? March 2015

Histamine, IBS and the LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) program. As part of our on-going histamine Q & A, Dr Janice Joneja was asked whether IBS and seasonal allergies could be set off by a histamine intolerance. May 2015

Histamine and Mast Cell Activation Disorder – Dr Janice Joneja. May 2015

Histamine intolerance and vaginal irritation. DrJanice Joneja's investigates. Aprill 2015

Histamine, anxiety and panic attacks. As part of our Q & A series, Dr Joneja was asked whether a histamine intolerance could cause anxiety and panic attacks. This is such an important subject that we decided to pull Dr Joneja's answer out from the general Q&A. March 2015

Dr Joneja ran a Q&A on this site for some months in which she covered a very wide range of queries on histamine and histamine intolerance. Most issues have been covered in the articles above but please feel free to read through the questions and answers.

Please note that Dr Joneja is not responding to any further queries at this time.

Articles by others on various aspects of Histamine Intolerance

Managing HIT with Quercetin/Masto with Cromolyn. Alicia suffers from severe food intolerance and a range of related conditions, including histamine intolerance. This interesting blog describes how she has managed it, including a rather successful use of Quercetin. December 2106.

10 Foods That Don’t Cause Histamine Intolerance. From Collective Evolution. November 2015

Personal story of long term, undiagnosed histamine intolerance. November 2015

Mast Cells & Collagen Behaving Badly. Very interesting blog by Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome sufferer who also has Mast Cell disease and uses a low histamine diet to help manage her condition. September 2015

Sebastiano Ramello, an International Wine Consulting expert from Piedmont has been studying histamine levesl in wine, red wine in particular, and suggests that they may be responsible red wine-related headaches, migraines etc. See his website, and this article on the Indian Wine Academy site. May 2015

An article on GreenMedInfo advising on how to combine a low histamine with a GAPS diet. January 2015

Drugs used during surgery can trigger histamine reactivity. Blog post – March 2013

The histamine/migraine connection. Too Much magazine  March 2014

Personal story of histamine intolerance from Daily Telegraph writer Bee Wilson. March 2014

The role of histamine and Tourette Syndrome – interesting links to a number of research articles from Latitudes. February 2014

Could it be histamine? Nutritionist Micki Rose looks at the symptoms, possible causes and ways to diagnose and treat histamine 'intolerance'/excess. August 2013

Histamines in wine. Short article on the Cellars Wine club blog. June 2013

Pinterest Histamine page, and some others.

Could histamine be sabotaging your digestive health? Blog post from Peeling back the onion layers – Nutritional support for autism, ADD, autoimmune and digestive disorders. May 2013

Exercise induced histamine reaction – short article in March 2013

Headaches, Hives, and Heartburn: Could Histamine Be the Cause? Investigation into the condition by integrative medicine expert Dr Chris Kressler. January 2013

Intriguing posts on Nature's Herb Forum on a possible relationship between histamine and various psychoactive drugs used in pharmacology – especially with SSRIs and their related compounds. February 2013

Great video blog about histamine intolerance from HI sufferer, Nele Muylaert. March 2013

Good review article from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on histamine intolerance plus comprehensive listing of histamine containing foods. 2007

Histamine: investigating the role of histamine in food allergy and mood control, by Amanda Geary. 2003

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Research Reports

Histamine and Tourette’s syndrome – tics disappear in mice treated with histamine June 2017
We all know that the neurotransmitter, histamine, is associated with allergies but recent research suggests it may also play a role in a variety of neurological and psychiatric conditions too. In this study, scientists tried to create a mouse model of Tourette’s syndrome where the mice showed increased grooming behaviour. This excessive grooming behaviour was found to disappear when the mice were treated with histamine. Suggesting a possible mechanism that requires further investigation with regard to its role in treating tics. See here for a summary of the article and here for the academic summary.

Recent studies suggest anti-histamine therapy might efficiently combat inflammation in atopic dermatitis. December 2015

In patients with symptoms triggered by histamine-rich food, measuring the serum diamine oxidase activity can help identify subjects who can benefit from a histamine limitation diet and/or diamine oxidase supplementation. November 2015

Histamine, histamine intoxication and intolerance. August 2015

Histamine intolerance could be a cause of severe gastrointestinal malaise in children. April 2013.

Levels of histamine in red wine vary according to the grape type and are not dependent on the quality of the wine. April 2011

Can a simple prick test be used to diagnose histamine intolerance? February 2011


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